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Do y’all desire to get this world more sustainable?  Here I reached out to this coconut bowl and giving a link for everyone to order. Skipping plastic bowl from my breakfast time is a wonderful thing. To order please use the link mentioned below! Just tap on the link and gift someone or yourself on this New Year!


Well! Here I am excited to switch out most of the plastic plates and bowls in my home for an eco-friendly environment. Freshly, I purchased the MINI BOWLS from Pala leaf online store, and in the last week, I received this ETCHED JUMBO COCONUT BOWL. (Customized etching) Here I am sharing pictures of both bowl Mini and etched bowl.




This container is made from coconut shells. People counting these coconut shells as wastage but it can be utilized for this artistic creation.

I fancy eating my oatmeal, smoothie, etc. in different cutlery. Here are many trustworthy brands providing coconut bowls in India as well as allowing rural artisans to work and also preventing the environment by inventing natural and sustainable products.


Why you should go for coconut cutlery?


  • Very lightweight and you can comfortably carry them outside for breakfast.
  • Upcycled and reusable product.
  • Handcrafted by local artisans of rural areas.
  • Looking very artistic and attractive.
  • Eco-friendly and transformed from discarded coconut shells into beautiful bowls, cups, candles, and cutlery.
  • I adore coconut and its tastes amazing to eat in coconut shells.
  • Very helpful feedback from the online store.
  • Women empowerment – These woman artisans have deserved gratitude for their creative work.
  • Sustaining our world plastic-free.


What are your sustainable New Year’s resolutions?


I guess buying expensive accessories or clothes, brands, etc. I choose to be a part of the sustainability journey. It is more special for me to have breakfast from my coconut bowls.

Today, I want to spread positive vibes and praise everyone! This year is ending, and I am obliged to many people who encouraged me to create, share, and enjoy healthy meals.  


Where are all coconut enthusiasts?


If you have not heard of this coconut smoothie bowls or oats bowl, we would love to have you.


Visit the link mentioned below to get a unique New Year gift for yourself and your family.


Every product is under Rs.1000 and having a rating star above 4.5


₹ 329.00


₹ 649.00


₹ 369.00


₹ 369.00


₹ 600.00


₹ 369.00


₹ 329.00

If you also want to share which bowl makes you happy and want to share your coconut bowl experience with me through blogs, feed or stories then connect me through [email protected] we love to share your journey with our readers!


Happy Reading!

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