SLEEP is the cutie pie of our daily life cycle, which is usually ignored by everyone.

Are you turning into an INSOMNIAC?

I can recognize many people’s reaction is YES! In this information world, everyone exerts for the day and night. Does anyone think about they are getting sufficient sleep or not? People are concerned about Good Nutrition and daily exercise but only some people know about what happens when they don’t get enough sleep.

WHY sleep matters?

  • For our well-being:

Sleep is not a waste of time. It is part of taking care of our body. Our sleep time is changing as per age and energy. Infants need 16 hours, Adolescents 9 hours, and grown-ups 7-8 hours of sleep every night.

  • Enough sleep helps to be Focused:

Sleep makes us more focused and more responsive in any work. After struggling the complete day simply sleep is the most desirable option to relax and refresh our mind. It aids us to resolve any obstacles by using tricks. To concentrate and to discover we need a fresh mind and that can get us when we have adequate sleep.

  • Keeps us Energetic:

Workouts and healthy meals keep us energetic. Sleep helps to the growth of the hormone required to build and repair muscle and burn fat.

  • Boost Memory:

According to the author of the book “WHY WE SLEEP”, sleep is very much important to form new memory in our brain. Lack of sleep can be increased the development of a toxic protein. Sleep is crucial for our brain. Throughout sleep, our brain function for memory formation and that is crucial for whereby our memory works. It benefits to improve the ability to memorize things. Therefore, a good night’s sleep is advantageous to boost and improvise brain memory.

  • Avoid Sickness:

Sleep boosts our immune system. Good rest helps to fight off being sick. Use blackout curtains or duct tape for sleeping. Quick napping is also providing prompt energy in mid-day. Just take sleep not less than 7 hours and not more than 9 hours.

WHAT happens when you don’t get enough sleep?

  • Waking up with tiredness:

Less sleep is a daily reality of our life. When we stay awake till late at night, we lose sleep, learning stamina, mindfulness, mood, etc. When we don’t get adequate sleep and rest, we wake up with tiredness and appears low.

  • We become short-tempered:

A person who slept for less time or have interrupted sleep become hotter headed and create endless quarrels.

  • Less sleep more disease:

Insufficient sleep I mean less than 6 hours of sleep may raise the risk of various disease. It may cause diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart disease. Good sleep helps to regulate the hormones that affect appetite hence less sleep affects directly our health. Adequate sleep may give you healthy longer life. As per the global experiment on health, lack of sleep disturbs the medication process of the heart. Therefore, increase the chances of high blood pressure, inflammation, diabetes, and fatal heart attack disease.


I would like to suggest all of us (including me) follow this habit will help you to get not only enough but also good sleep.


  1. Eat last meal 3-4 hours before going to bed

Many health advisors, doctor, dietician says our last meal means dinner we should have before sunset. I know it’s not possible but we can eat 3-4 hours before going to bed because when we sleep our digestion will be over.

  1. Switch off your Mobile Phone

A mobile phone is the main trouble which disturbs our night routine and physical health also. That blue light coming from our laptop, TV, mobile, etc. devices interrupt our natural sleep. Because of this light, our mind considers it is daytime and it affects our actual sleep time. But we can use the blue light filter app or there are inbuild night mode options are available in every android phone so we can set a reminder every evening and avoid disturbance.

  1. Drink Night Brew:

Make a habit to drink Turmeric Milk (including almonds, honey) which contains some good nutrition and helps to get good sleep.

  1. Next day Preparation:

Every Morning, everyone is hurrying between breakfast, makeup, lunch box, important files, newspaper, traffic, etc. If we properly use our time then we can stay away from the TV, mobile in the night time and also do some arrangements for the morning in advance. It may benefit us to get relaxation and good sleep as we already prepared for the next morning.

  1. Read Book:

Reading is my favorite task before sleeping. But the difference is what we are Reading? Reading on mobile and laptop is not a good habit to do before sleeping. We should read the book because book reading helps to boost our memory and makes us more inventive (especially when you love writing, and I know my all readers love to Read & Write)



–         Dr. Suess

  1. Write:

Writing makes our brain more powerful. We don’t need to write a book or big paragraphs, anything that we like we can write in our diary before sleeping. We can write about our learning, quotes, favorite poetry, lines, experience, etc. We can make TO-DO-LIST for the next day morning and prioritize tasks. Writing can intensify our memory.

  1. Start to do something new in the early morning

Without any reason doing something is so boring and ugly. Am I right? Let me give you an example if tomorrow is your birthday or any special day 😉 Just imagine! You will be excited for tomorrow morning and will wake up with truckloads of positivity. Exactly! If we will start regular things that make us happy and dynamic then we should list them for early morning. If you tend to wake up with lots of excitement then think about it.

I am a big breakfast person and always fancied to cook my breakfast for me. Every night before sleeping I prepare the next day’s recipe in my mind and feel excited to wake up the next morning to cook and experiment with them. Everyone has their own choices and habits which can be worked out, yoga, chanting, prayers, cycling, walking, running, cleaning, house chores, dancing, singing, playing, office work, reading, writing, etc. There are endless things which we can do in the morning and enjoy the satisfaction throughout the day.

All readers, if you have any good habits or suggestions to improvise our daily lifestyle and become more healthy please tell in the comment box.



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