Malvan – The Grace Of Konkan

MALVAN…ohhh again I lost in fond memories. (Reminiscing those joyful moments)

Let me tell you, Malvan is not my dream place; it was my last year’s casual trip with my friends. But I came up with a bunch of joy, astonishing sunup and sundown scenery, white sand beach photography, water sports, and especially seafood and fish platter believe me it was yummy!

Throwing back to my trip to Malvan!

Malvan is a scenic city and picturesque part of KONKAN also famous for its culture-oriented people, Malvani language (language reflects their culture), delightful seafood, nature, and clean beautiful white sand beaches. Really wow!

Introducing you to the places where I toured. Some localities are unnoticed.

We got the train (Konkan Kanya express) from Panvel around 12:30 am direct to Malvan. Malvan is not any Railway station of its own. You can go through Kudal, Sawantwadi, Zarap, Kankavali all are the nearest railway stations for Malvan.

And here I fell in love with Vayari Beach’s first view.

  1. Juni Vayari Beach – Hidden beauty of Malvan 

We began our journey from Kudal station where we arrived in the morning around 10 to 11 am. From Kudal station we went by bus towards Tarkarli from there we caught an auto-rickshaw for Vayari village where we stayed. We stayed in a resort (recommended by our friend) which is located inside JUNI VAYARI village (in Tarkarli) and comes exactly in front of the beach. This beach comes in the backside of SINDHUDURG fort. (You can see in my picture)

Marvelous, fresh, white sandy, serene, and covered by dense coconut trees and greenery. My words are not sufficient to describe the beauty of Vayari Beach. Sometimes I think why we have to invest huge money to travel overseas when you can find the same beauty in our native places and villages. Yes, the real beauty of our region. I always praise the beaches of GOA but later a visit to Malvan, I do not like any other beaches than this. This is an excellent place to rejuvenate yourself. If you like picture-taking then you must visit once because of being a strange and unseen beach very few people come there and I think fewer people means more peace.

  1. Sindhudurg – Majestic Fort

Have you ever seen a dilated stronghold in the blue waves?

A jewel of archaeological structure built by Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. This ancient fort is established in the Arabian Sea. Sindhudurg is the main fascination of the Malvan. Fort encircled by coconut trees and war memoirs. This fort has an esoteric door (covered by big walls) it’s called CHOR DARVAJA, behind this type of structure only aimed to confuse enemies to penetrate in the fort during the war. Hats off to the King for Brilliant architecture. Inside the fort, you will find several goddess temples and remarkable views. You must visit this Grand Sea Fort.

  1. Rock Garden – Definition of PEACE

Rock Garden is the Sunset Point nearby Chivla Beach. Chivla beach is one of the less crowded and unknown places to relax and spend your evening in Malvan. If you are a pacific person like me you should go to Rock Garden. I spent my complete evening there and returned with lots of memories and an unforgettable sunset. This garden looks most charming because of natural huge rocks and extremely windy waves. Best place to photograph and enjoy the peaceful seaside. Trust me you will never mourn for a visit to this place.

  1. Tarkarli Beach – Another HEAVEN underwater

I am happy to share with you my first SCUBA DIVING experience here. YESSSS! It was my first-time scuba diving. As I said Malvan is not my dream place, I was completely excited to tick off my bucket list which is scuba diving. Here you will get economical packages for scuba diving, parasailing, banana rides, and so on. Tarkarli is a neat and less congested beach as compared to other scuba diving spots. But you have to manage the entire day for this exercise as these activities are based on proper training. I did scuba in March 2019. After my first experience, I can state this is an awesome place for First-time scuba divers. I experienced corals and multi-colored fishes undersea, it was like will-o’-the-wisp. Instructors are professional and equipment was fully assured by organizers. I returned with cool pictures and video underwater. I did parasailing also and that was a crazy experience. This trip was worth it.


  1. Malvani Seafood – Taste of Konkan

Being Non-vegetarian you must visit Malvan to relish their food. Coconut gravy, coconut milk(Solkadhi), many seasonings, kokum(Garcinia Indica), mango, cashews, and lots of plates of seafood, etc. don’t you think you have to run after all this? Just kidding! But I must admit, I never had anywhere such kinds of seafood tendered by their local hotels. Their local hotels offer fresh fish, superb quality, quick serving, and yummy taste in every recipe also at affordable rates.


For the above FIVE FANTASTIC FACTS, you should tour Malvan. I think in very few words I tried to share my feelings about the Malvan trip, Malvan is more than that, surely! There are no myths behind “KONKAN IS HEAVEN”.

 I could not travel to many places nearest Malvan which I already wish-listed for the future and will tick off.

Hey, readers, your in-person experience are also always welcome!

Stay tuned!

Happy Reading!



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